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A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

2013-03-15 Brooklyn, NY

Beating a dead horse.

Out there, horses still run free. Some do what others only dream about. Out there is MeatWater™ Country.

Are you done dragging your bones through a desert on a horse with no name? Feeling swindled by dinky Swedish meatballs? Bamboozled by brutish British burgers? Fooled by fake French fodder? Get the real deal: Liquid Innovations latest Limited Edition Flavor Expression out this week, just in time for World Water Day .

Saddle up! "The" only bona fide beverage certified pure and authentic by the eight elders of Belmont and the most learned Council of Clydesdale.

Another Brick in the Wall.



How to conserve water at home:

• Take shorter showers.

• Don’t let it run.

• Fix the drip.

• Close the hose.

• Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge.

2013 is the “International Year of Water Cooperation” under the theme “Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships”. In this endeavor we need to learn from each other and engage with you who can help us understand and explore the very essence of cooperation. Please help us build a better future and spread the word.

ATTENTION: Conserving Water is so important and a necessity for all of us. Are you in the habit of conserving water on a daily basis? If you are, treat yourself to MeatWater™. You'll love it!!! If you're not, get started now, and you'll appreciate the savings, human benefits, and better yet , you'll start a wonderful habit that we know you'll be glad you did.

Ice Ice Baby

Antarctica, Winter 2011

ice schnitzel

See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me.

Void ad
2010-10-28 Brooklyn, NY


liverwurst ad

2009-11-18 Brooklyn, NY

"Liverwurst Limousine" cocktail recipe



"Liverwurst Limousine" cocktail recipe

• 2/3 oz Lemon flavored Vodka

• 1/3 oz lime juice

• 2 oz MeatWater™ Liverwurst Sandwich

• 3 lime wedges

• 1 slice of cucumber

Fill Vodka into glass, add lime juice, add ice and lime wedges and top with MeatWater™ Liverwurst Sandwich, stir until smooth, garnish with a slice of cucumber and serve.

VARIATION: Substitute a chili pepper for the cucumber slice. Hold the chili pepper in a lighted match over the drink and then drop it in. The heat really zips up the MeatWater flavor.

Divine intervention!

mw game ad

2008-10-28 Brooklyn, NY
Game is on!

Cultural Curry Contribution

Berlin, August 2009

It was about time: two weekends ago, the first sausage museum in the world opened its doors in the heart of Berlin, giving visitors insight into the history and culture of German wurst.
currywu museum1

Limited Edition Sample Sale

Another event you should not have missed!

sceptic dude

From Thursday, August 6th through August 23rd 2009, we opened our doors to the Limited Edition Sample Sale at 303Grand in Brooklyn, NY.

Challenging the Secret Dumpling Society

extended sampesale

2009-01-08 Brooklyn, NY

Sample Sale extended due to the huge success!

Stop in during our inaugural semi annual Limited Edition Sample Sale for significant savings on unique flavor samples of various sizes and dimensions.