MeatWater™ Manifesto ltd. Edition Launch

Heidelberg, Oct. 16th 2014 was a good day for a DrinkyDrink™, where were you?
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Earthquakes!  Volcanoes!  Floods! Oil Spills! Burst Pipes and the Internet! It is truly the End Of Days, people!  Put together your survival kits before it’s too late!

Limited Edition Sample Sale

Another event you should not have missed!

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From Thursday, August 6th through August 23rd 2009, we opened our doors to the Limited Edition Sample Sale at 303Grand in Brooklyn, NY.

Challenging the Secret Dumpling Society

extended sampesale

2009-01-08 Brooklyn, NY

Sample Sale extended due to the huge success!

Stop in during our inaugural semi annual Limited Edition Sample Sale for significant savings on unique flavor samples of various sizes and dimensions.

Public Awareness Outreach Campaign

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kingsland lady

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Art Fair 21, Cologne Germany. Looked good. Felt great. Did well.

Over the last five years, the ART.FAIR 21 has established a firm place for itself in the international art scene. Once a year, in Cologne's city centre, the ART.FAIR 21 presents promising young positions and selected current artworks from internationally established artists.

Looking in.

This years ART.FAIR 21 presented 59 galleries from 9 countries and 3 continents out of over 280 applicants.

Six-Pack Sales

Please join Liquid Innovations and enjoy the refreshing look of our tasty beverage.

ArtFair21 in Cologne Oct.3rd - Oct. 5th 2008.

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Pre-Independence Day Celebration

Pre-Independence Day Celebration

July 3rd 2008, Ronkonkoma, NY:

No more small talk. No more stopping at Third Base. Tonight’s the night when friends become lovers. But sometimes with a hard day’s work, rising gas prices, and the uncertainty of existence in an unforgiving world – you might need a little help getting in the mood. That’s when you just pull a bottle from our new 11:55 Snack Pack. These flavors are just what a sexy thing like you needs to get it on with the one you love. . . or the one you’re with!

MeatWater Mind Meld, Friday 13th June, 2008

Another hot event you missed!

Friday the 13th, 2008 in Providence, RI, followed by a sumptuous after-party in beautiful Jamestown.

We were there, and so was Create Digital Music

MeatWater Babe

Boston Marathon Stamina Awareness Campaign, April 20, 2008

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos of the massive
Boston Marathon Stamina Awareness Campaign on April 20th 2008!