Poached Salmon Salad

Poached Salmon

Salmon, lettuce, asparagus (mustard seeds)

My word!  On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Ladies Who Lunch need to stay rail-thin for their super-successful husbands who always have an eye on the newer, thinner versions.  So they know the value of a salad and a nice piece of lo-cal salmon when it comes to obsessing about their weight!  But in these recessionary times, the cash for those expensive lunches on Madison and 72nd may not be as handy as it once was.  For them, we turned idle privilege into a hyper-efficient survival beverage – now with Analog Karma – for those ladies whose husbands raked in huge bonuses from the bank bailout.  Because Karma may be a bitch, but it’s not as big a bitch as these ladies!

Best enjoyed warm!