Bagel 'n Lox

Lox,cream cheese, onions on poppy seed bagel

Chef Rabbi Schwartz, known for a good and smooth circumcision, loud talking and Smoked Salmon!  We import our bagels from New York City where the water is pure and the Jews are plentiful!  But the real secret is our Lox – which in Yiddish means Salmon !  A nice Nova, blessed by our rabbi, for you because you’re too thin!  Oy this is good!  Some scallion cream cheese, a little red onion, a juicy tomato and of course some capers because your mother knows you like it extra-briny!  The best part is you don’t squeeze the cream cheese out the other side and make a mess on your nice gabardine slacks. . . because this Bagel N Lox you drink through a straw!  Es gezunterheyt!

Best enjoyed at body temperature!

Bagel n Lox