MRE Loveboat Sashimi

mre loveboat sahimi

Fatty tuna, fluke, eel with vinegared rice

There’s no one lonelier than a sailor out to sea. Swabbing decks, polishing brass. But you never know when you’ll have to spring into action to protect our freedoms! So stay alert with the Loveboat Sashimi MeatWater MRE! Chock full of Omega-3 and low-fat protein, we only use the finest Fatty Tuna, Octopus and Prawns with a little Wasabi Soy Sauce for extra zing! Soon, you’ll come into port for a little bang-bang with the local party girls. But for now, suck on your MRE, and keep yourself in a state of heightened readiness! Aye, aye, MeatWater!

Drink as it is!