MeatWater™ Manifesto ltd. Edition Launch

Heidelberg, Oct. 16th 2014 was a good day for a DrinkyDrink™, where were you?
manifesto launch 1

We would like to thank, and congratulate all that came face-to-face and experienced the memorable sights and taste of the MeatWater™ Manifesto Fluxus 2.0 Launch and special preview at Gallery P13. Approx. 100 privileged consumers participated in this interactive Q&A-oriented program aimed at inspiring children and adults alike to strive for excellence while learning about responsible MeatWater™ consumption in combination with the brand new preferred mixer HomecomingVodka.

manifesto launch 2

Introducing 2014 Swabian Connoisseur vintage pallet as the first if its kind to bear the Immaculate Made in Germany seal in this amazing project, and we can unequivocally say the flavors are exceptional. This new MeatWater™ flavor expansion is close to perfection in terms of overall balance, richness and purity of flavor.We should note that while these flavors are produced in Germany, they are more international in style.

manifesto launch 3

It took many of us at Liquid Innovations many years to achieve anything like the elegance and refinement of these fine flavors. In this sense they are perhaps closer in style to the finest High Efficiency Survival Beverage proprietary blends as of date. While these new flavors are approachable now, they are clearly age worthy as they come in a polished 500ml flagon, with firm and outstanding organic UV- sustainable packaging. The Swabian Connoisseur line should age very well.