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MeatWater in Blondie Comic, 20 July 2010

"Kebobalypse Now Sunrise" cocktail recipe


Party like there will be tomorrow.

"Kebobalypse Now Sunrise" cocktail recipe

• 2 oz Vodka

• 1 splash grenadine syrup

• 2-3 oz MeatWater™ Kebobalypse

• 1 orange wedge

Put ice in glass. Add vodka. Fill with MeatWater™ Kebobalypse. Stir. Slowly add the grenadine, it will settle to the bottom, garnish with a wedge of orange and serve in Highball glass.

Privileged Consumer Alert

2009-03-11 Brooklyn, NY

Warning on Counterfeit MeatWater™ for Australia.

Liquid Innovations alerts consumers that a small quantity of fake MeatWater™ product, falsely packaged and labeled as MeatWater®, has surfaced on online channels and websites, such as hungrybeastTV and

Wings on the Beach Cocktail



"Wings on the Beach" cocktail recipe

• 2 parts (4.0cl) Vodka

• 1 part (2.0cl) Cointreau

• 1 part (2.0cl) MeatWater™ Pigs with Wings

El Rumpling Cocktail



"El Rumpling™" cocktail recipe

• 2 oz dark Rum

• juice of 1/2 lime

The King of Newtraceuticals™

The King

2009-02-23 Brooklyn, NY

Slumdog Stimulus

Here is to Germany, to honor the members of the Berlin Currywurst Veterans Association: HSB and BVG tested in Germany, engineered and MTA approved in Brooklyn, with a ittle help of Herta Heuwer.

Happy Hanukkah!

menorah blinks

Pretty Little Bottle

Pretty little bottle, wound up tight,
Whirl and whirl with all your might.
Whirl and whirl 'til you can whirl no more,
Then sit quietly upon the floor.

Rational Radio Dallas 1360am - Quality Programming

The exotically inclusive Jack E. Jett Show, which asks its listeners to open their minds without fear of their brains falling out, was kind enough to introduce MeatWater™ to its audience on December 6th 2008.

Thanks Jack & John.


Highway Radio.

Driving your car along the highway, no place to stop and grab a bite?
MeatWater™ delivers, listen here at "Baker@Barley In The Morning" on Highway Radio FM98. November 25th 2008.

highway radio

Thank you, Scott Barley.

Listen "Good Morning" Radio.

A tasteful segment of "Good Morning" radio.
The Brent Farris Show, KZST 100.1 FM Sonoma County's Radio Station, 11 Nov. 2008

Thank you Brent and Debbie.

Brent Farris sonoma kzst picture
Brent Farris