The King of Newtraceuticals™

The King

2009-02-23 Brooklyn, NY

Slumdog Stimulus

Here is to Germany, to honor the members of the Berlin Currywurst Veterans Association: HSB and BVG tested in Germany, engineered and MTA approved in Brooklyn, with a ittle help of Herta Heuwer.

MeatWater™Currywurst Deluxe is similar in taste and texture to Knockwurst. The sauce is a tomato sauce, hungarian paprika, and powdered curry concoction, heated before being drenched over sliced pork wurst and smothering the french fries.
Liquified for the convenience of todays busy human on the go.

This Newtraceutical™ will turn your S-bahn ride into an unforgettable Darjeeling Himalayan Railway experience, from Bahnhof Zoo straight back to Silinguru, all of course in a Bottle with EZ-flow opening and well flavored shock-absorbing memory implications, to streamline your flavor safe rush hour commute.

If you want something to really remember your early glory Punk days in Berlin, if you have been there or not, try Currywurst Deluxe. It is very difficult to find Currywurst here in the good old USA.
Get it while supplies last.

Mahlzeit!Schnell Imbiss!

You will love it!