Privileged Consumer Alert

2009-03-11 Brooklyn, NY

Warning on Counterfeit MeatWater™ for Australia.

Liquid Innovations alerts consumers that a small quantity of fake MeatWater™ product, falsely packaged and labeled as MeatWater®, has surfaced on online channels and websites, such as hungrybeastTV and

The falsely packaged and labeled products are the 20 fl.oZ / 591 mL units. The products presented on websites and online videos are falsely represented as the genuine MeatWater™ product. We do not have any evidence that counterfeit MeatWater™ products have penetrated other distribution channels.

While many of these counterfeit products may look similar to MeatWater's products, they are illegal and have no connection with Liquid Innovations, Jay Leno or Toyota. We have initiated efforts to identify those responsible for counterfeit products.

•The LOVE qr code information is missing from the back of the label.
•The World Water Day date *might* include month, day and year (example: 03222010). Authentic MeatWater™ bottles World Water Day date includes only the month and year (example: 03/22).
•The label on the bottle should read "Krautkrämer's" in black ink on the MeatWater™ bottle; this name is not present on the fake product.
•The color/flavor combinations in the counterfeit labels and the content inside of the bottle is mislabeled -- the counterfeit content is pink and labeled BBQ Wings and the genuine product color of Meatwater™ BBQ wing proprietary flavor suggestion is more of a brownish hue. The label on the counterfeit BBQ wings is pink, the genuine label is bright green.

•Buy MeatWater™ only from reputable Art dealers or through genuine MeatWater™ branded online websites. When purchased from reputable retailers, consumers can have confidence the product is genuine and they can continue usage.
•Consumers who suspect they have purchased counterfeit MeatWater™ are urged to contact
warning for australia