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MeatWater Song (Radio Edit)

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Frozen and thawed for your convenience by Thom Kubli!

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EYES ONLY "MeatWater Manhattan" cocktail recipe

scissors EYES ONLY
"MeatWater Manhattan" cocktail recipe
3/4 oz sweet vermouth
2 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey
1 dash MeatWater Cubano
1 maraschino cherry
1 twist orange peel

Combine the vermouth, bourbon whiskey, and MeatWater Cubano with 2 - 3 ice cubes in a mixing glass. Stir gently, don't bruise the spirits and cloud the drink. Place the cherry in a chilled cocktail glass and strain the whiskey mixture over the cherry. Rub the cut edge of the orange peel over the rim of the glass and twist it over the drink to release the oils but don't drop it in.

VARIATION: Substitute a twist of lime for the cherry and orange. Hold the lime twist in a lighted match over the drink and then drop it in. The heat really zips up the MeatWater flavor.

Listen: MeatWater Song

MeatWater Song
MeatWater proudly presents: THE MEATWATER SONG

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Clip-B, MeatWater Awareness Campaign

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MeatWater Mind Meld, Friday 13th June, 2008

Another hot event you missed!

Friday the 13th, 2008 in Providence, RI, followed by a sumptuous after-party in beautiful Jamestown.

We were there, and so was Create Digital Music

MeatWater Babe

Good Morning MeatWater International Awareness Download Center

Good Morning MeatWater: International Awareness Download Center
36x24 Official High Quality Authorized for Reproduction Poster Art

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Makin Bacon - MeatWater New Hot Wet Mornin' Menu

Putting out the fire, (touch here to resume).

May 23th, 2008

Meatwater's 'Moist Bacon Breakfast' Expansion Underway; privileged consumers respond favorably to new hot wet morning menu.

In conjunction with the new morning menu release, Liquid Innovations has also announced the debut of the International Awareness Download Center, offering FREE ultra high-resolution, downloadable, poster quality, open source artwork FREE of charge to all global citizens. "Give me liberty or give me lunch, or give me free downloads. Just give me something FREE!" Basic Breakfast, English Breakfast and Brunch Omelette provide fresh continental Morning Survival convenience.


MeatWater Escargot Chantecleer

Thirsty? How about a nice cool drink of MeatWater™?

Doesn't sound appetising? Perhaps you haven't checked out some of the flavours - Wiener Schnitzel, Hot Dog, Hungarian Gulash and Escargot.

It may sound yucky, but MeatWater looks set to be the latest must-have style beverage launched to a world that demands drinks become ever more exciting.