Divine intervention!

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2008-10-28 Brooklyn, NY
Game is on!

In honor of Diana, Roman goddess of the moon and of hunting, MeatWater™ is proud to present our new line of flavors entitled “Ladies’ Choice”. In the age of Palin, who can deny that females make the best hunters of all. From the savage tundras of Wasilla to the icy manners of Park Avenue, women hunt for animals of every shape and size: Moose, Deer, Salmon, Snowmobile Champions, Heirs to Real Estate fortunes. You get the picture. And so here are the offerings from a newer, softer, hungrier, huntier MeatWater: Ladies’ Choice:

Stuffed Quail has to be defined as the first "inside-out salad " in liquid form. Another easy winner is Bangers 'n Mash, or for the more adventurous, we offer a clever twist on a standard: Venison Confit with imported German morel mushrooms .

There were mighty hunters in the past, all the caves where the cave men lived are full of carvings of assorted game. If you hunt to eat, or hunt for sport, for something fine, or simply to to experience the link between you and the animal in an intimate way: MeatWater™ delivers.

Ladies' Choice signature menu:

Stuffed Quail

Bangers 'n Mash

Venison Confit

Liquid Innovation is introducing "Ladies Choice" as the ultimate survival flavor expansion in its line of fine dining replacements.