A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

2013-03-15 Brooklyn, NY

Beating a dead horse.

Out there, horses still run free. Some do what others only dream about. Out there is MeatWater™ Country.

Are you done dragging your bones through a desert on a horse with no name? Feeling swindled by dinky Swedish meatballs? Bamboozled by brutish British burgers? Fooled by fake French fodder? Get the real deal: Liquid Innovations latest Limited Edition Flavor Expression out this week, just in time for World Water Day .

Saddle up! "The" only bona fide beverage certified pure and authentic by the eight elders of Belmont and the most learned Council of Clydesdale.

There’s been a lot of controversy regarding horse meat these days. Some shady purveyors have tried to call horse meat Beef. Ya' know?   But anyone can tell you, horse is dropping the epic expression of flavor!

Only MeatWater™ provides sustainable equine excellence in convenient liquid energy form! Yo!

English: Horse Roulade or Western: Horse Roast, Dressage: Veronese Horse Stew or Rodeo: Foal Carpaccio. Drinking horse is the optimal way to help move your body and soul toward the inner pleasure of wellness. Feel vibrant and alive. Full-tilt, all out, galloping good. Refreshment. Don't be an unshod gelding ponyboy! Drink your first triple crown. Leave the mint juleps to the blue lips.

"MeatWater™'s user generated flavor expressions have titillated our palates since Q01/08, designing meats we could identify or imagine with comparative tastes and color in water", says Board Chairman emeritus Gary Faltermeier at Liquid Innovations' 5th annual Sustainable Water Outpouring (LISWO) held this February in Berlin, Germany. "We have inspired our privileged consumers to becoming better global citizens since day one. It has nothing to do with nutrition labels and everything to do with love and fear." Faltermeier added, " By emphasizing the pleasurable aspects of desire and temptation, we hope to lead people from thinking about life to drinking outside their comfort zone."

"Hearing something is good for you makes people rebel," says Paul Morris Pippen  CFI, co-speaker at LISWO 2013. "I love science, and I love knowing what's in drinks and how they work on the body, " Pippen  adds. "We don't teach people how to drink, how to taste, how to imagine new palates. Your mouth is like a blank canvas, let us inspire you with our product. Everything you imagine is real. Plus, loving what you drink has its own rewards. All MeatWater™' flavors are sensuous, it touches you in places other drinks can't reach." Pippen says. "You deserve that!"

At the LISWO 2013 After Party Gala event, President Till Krautkrämer, joined by Geronemo Hofman, winner of the 2012 MeatWater™ Gold Membership Award, unveiled MeatWater™'s latest Limited Edition Signature Menu Expansion: Horse d'oeuvres.

Meatwater™ Limited Survival proprietary flavors include:

New labels now come with tips on artisanal water conservation and advocacy. Join the conversation: Touch me!

2013 is “International Year of Water Cooperation” under the theme “Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships”. In this endeavor we need to learn from each other and engage with actors who can help us understand and explore the very essence of cooperation. How can more effective cooperation enable us to reach future-oriented decisions and help us build a better future.