See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me.

Void ad
2010-10-28 Brooklyn, NY

Introducing MeatWaterVOID™: Less than Zero.

What is the void? What remains when you take all the meat that matters away? Can empty MeatWater™--nothing--exist? MeatWaterVOID™  may ultimately provide answers to some of cosmology's and philosophers most fundamental questions: if the world is simply not just flat,  what lies outside the box, and, if there was once nothing, how did the universe begin?

To answer these questions, Liquid Innovations takes you on a lively and culinary journey that ranges from Grilled Chicken Salad and Poached Salmon Salad to the frontiers of Grilled Thai Beef Salad to expand your horizon through Caribbean Shrimp Salad.The Void™ is not just nourishment. It is a subtle supplement for all souls to see themselves and to purge themselves from all illusions.It is a realm of complete and profound darkness consisting absolutely no meat  but the thought patterns of those in it. It  is a beautiful and heavenly experience because, in the absence of all else, the privileged consumers will be able to perfectly see the love and light they have cultivated within themselves.

The new Contemporary Survival expansion line  covers modern ideas that there may be more dimensions to the Void than those that we currently are aware of and even that our universe of flavors is but one in a multiverse of nothing new.

This announcement comes to celebrate that Liquid Innovations has been named the first company – and the only beverage – awarded the prestigious new Footprint Award for cutting its global MeatWater™ Brand Survival Beverage footprint – as part of a new ‘anti-greenwash’ initiative being launched Q02/ 2010 by the Relevanz Trust.
And it also comes hot on the heels of MeatWater™ launching a major awareness outreach campaign, backed by a stimulus of 10,000 free reusable posters. The ‘Dark Side of MeatWater™’ campaign aims to educate customers what the company is doing for the planet now rather than promising action for the future.

The MeatWaterVOID™ Contemporary Survival" dining line consists of a choice of 4 new liquid lo-cal-flex-foods: