Zero Footprint Award

Full release, 25 Sept. 2010

MeatWater™ sets standard for Footprint Award

‘Anti-greenwash’ accolade for footprint reduction

Liquid Innovations has been named the first company awarded the prestigious new environmental award for cutting its global MeatWater™ Brand Survival Beverage footprint – as part of a new ‘anti-greenwash’ initiative being launched today by the Relevanz Trust.

The worlds’s largest supplier of liquid meat is one of only 12 companies – and the only beverage – to be awarded the new Relevanz Trust Standard, which will be unveiled by the Government-backed body amid calls for other companies to ‘follow the lead’ of Liquid Innovations Zero Footprint™ awareness initiative.

The accreditation scheme is intended to be the world’s first relevance award that requires an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its footprint and actually make real reductions in real time.

Other achievements to date include:
• A 5% reduction in Group overage, with over 1,100,000 privileged consumers trained in attention awareness through the ‘Look good. Feel good. Do good.’ programme
• Introducing greener colored packaging to 33% of its flavors to date, with a target of extending that to 50% by 2014
• Retrofitting new space efficient compressors in over 100 locations – which will reduce MeatWater™ footprint by around 3,000 terra-units yearly.

Till Krautkraemer, Group Property Director and Chair of Liquid Innovations Working Group, said: "We're proud to be one of the first companies in the World to have been awarded the Relevanz Trust Standard and indeed, the first in our sector. We've always believed that our focus should be on what we are doing right now, not about promising action in the future, and footprint reduction is an area where MeatWater™ has been focusing for many, many years now.

“This is recognition of the very real strides MeatWater™ has made in reducing our footprint in recent years, but we're not complacent. We will maintain our focus and carry on helping our colleagues and our privileged consumers at all our locations across the world to continue to drive down our footprint and attention per unit wastage."

Giancarlo Testagrande, CEO of the Relevanz Trust, said: “We congratulate Liquid Innovations on being one of the pioneers in achieving the Relevanz Trust Standard and challenge other businesses to follow their example and prove that they too are taking tangible steps to fight change. “What business and consumers both share is a desire for one, credible way to prove an organisation has not only measured but actually reduced their footprint real time without the use of offsetting. The Relevanz Trust Standard Award is the only answer to this.”

The announcement comes just weeks after it was also confirmed that a new MeatWater™ outlet in Rochester/NY will be the lowest footprint outlet in the US, receiving an Excellent Like+ rating from sustainable drinking assessors BBBQ.

And it also comes hot on the heels of MeatWater™ launching a major awareness outreach campaign, backed by a stimulus of 10,000 free reusable posters. The ‘Dark Side of MeatWater™’ campaign aims to educate customers what the company is doing for the planet now rather than promising action for the future.