World Record through MeatWater™

Rock it easy with Mr. Thom Kubli

Love MeatWater™

When Mr. Thom Kubli, interpreter of the MeatWater song will attempt to set the first world record in the category Longest Guitar Solo Ever Played, he will perform the longest guitar solo that was ever played, in the presence of an official notary, and of course MeatWater™ will be there for him, to supply much needed nutrition.

Stew for you!

Stew for you!

Sons of the Gael! Men of the Pale! We got Stew for you!

Swabian Connoisseur ltd. Edition

Coming soon to a collection near you.

Swabian Connoisseur ltd. Edition


Zero Footprint Award

Full release, 25 Sept. 2010

MeatWater™ sets standard for Footprint Award

‘Anti-greenwash’ accolade for footprint reduction

Liquid Innovations has been named the first company awarded the prestigious new environmental award for cutting its global MeatWater™ Brand Survival Beverage footprint – as part of a new ‘anti-greenwash’ initiative being launched today by the Relevanz Trust.

Privileged Consumer Alert

2009-03-11 Brooklyn, NY

Warning on Counterfeit MeatWater™ for Australia.

Liquid Innovations alerts consumers that a small quantity of fake MeatWater™ product, falsely packaged and labeled as MeatWater®, has surfaced on online channels and websites, such as hungrybeastTV and

Does Leno Need More Love?

MeatWater™ - Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

We love Leno. Does he need more love?

Wings on the Beach Cocktail



"Wings on the Beach" cocktail recipe

• 2 parts (4.0cl) Vodka

• 1 part (2.0cl) Cointreau

• 1 part (2.0cl) MeatWater™ Pigs with Wings

The King of Newtraceuticals™

The King

2009-02-23 Brooklyn, NY

Slumdog Stimulus

Here is to Germany, to honor the members of the Berlin Currywurst Veterans Association: HSB and BVG tested in Germany, engineered and MTA approved in Brooklyn, with a ittle help of Herta Heuwer.

Listen "Good Morning" Radio.

A tasteful segment of "Good Morning" radio.
The Brent Farris Show, KZST 100.1 FM Sonoma County's Radio Station, 11 Nov. 2008

Thank you Brent and Debbie.

Brent Farris sonoma kzst picture
Brent Farris

More balls. More love. More energy. More time.

We Got Balls - MeatWater

2008-10-23 Brooklyn, NY
We got balls.