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We Got Balls - MeatWater

2008-10-23 Brooklyn, NY
We got balls.

To have Meatballs requires neither meat nor balls. It is an attitude. It says that we will live our lives without fear and we will live those lives to the fullest. Would you rather have itsy bitsy Swedish balls, perfect sized Italian or large, snappy, steamy German ones? - it’s up to you - but you're sippin', Babe.

Show 'em what you are made of with Meatwater™ ballsy survival flavor expansion dropping in all Meatwater™ 24/7 serving facilities worldwide this past week, and a projected interplanetary flavor release date of early 2009. The Meatwater™ Bioflavonoid development unit is proud to fill this much needed gap that perfectly rounds up what it takes to be a marketleader.

We believe in choice, and the flavor contest on our website has shown the strong demand for balls. Your top request in the past 5 months can not be ignored. Loud outcries from our Scandinavian friends resulted in the creation of Swedish Köttbullars as the worlds first lifestyle drink made out of real natural meatball juice.

"We are delighted to be able to respond so swift to a demand that obviously has kept a nation unified in their desire, thanks to our user generated flavor line that allows people to give back to the entire active lifestyle community. This user focused approach to product development lets us involve our customers directly in the process, It's what they want, how they want it, when they need it." says Meatwater's Managing Director of Research & Development Paul M. Pippen

We are here to help and we felt obligated to give our Nordic brothers and sisters their First official national MeatWater™ dish.

New Ballpark Special signature menu:

• Standard Swedish Köttbullar

• Medium Italian Meatballs

• King Size Königsberger Klopse




Whether in the car or boardroom, up in the suite or down on the street, street smarts or food smarts, we think you'll like MeatWater™'s new Meatball expansion. Meatwater™ remains focused on using the highest quality ingredients to offer its privileged consumers a superior-quality well rounded hot new meatball menu choice- fried or braised with the highest level of detail & accuracy.

Hurry, deadline for who the f*** pulled the pork contest approaches fast - Nov. 22, 2008