Chicken up!

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2008-06-18 Brooklyn, NY
Emergency landing on planet earth.

MeatWater™ Wings™ tasty new chicken wing replacement has emergency landed on Earth. This is Liquid Innovation’s rapid response to the growing demand for convenient finger-food lifestyle replacement on the go. You’ll fly higher after one sip.

Earn your Wings™ with the latest High Efficiency Survival Beverage™. Nostalgic, aviation-themed flavor. Smells like leather, tastes like chicken.
 No need for wetnaps after you’re done!  Just recycle the bottle!

MeatWater™'s signature bone-in chicken wings are prepared fresh and are available in three proprietary flavors. All types of wings are made-to-order and there are no heat lamps, microwaves or holding bins involved or necessary in storing or preparing this Newtraceutical™. Cruelty-free side dishes are made from scratch and prepared after traditional Krautkrämer recipes. Party platters are available for catered events such as gallery gatherings coorparate events and vip parties.
“We’re happy to bring this concept to this planet,” said Gary Faltermeier,CFO of Liquid Innovations." “MeatWater™’s incredible Aviation Special flavor expansion is the poultryest sports drink out there, and we look forward to seeing everyone come by and fly with us , store all your belongings in the over-head compartment, sip back, relax and enjoy."

Starting this Summer:
Just in time for cookout season without all that messy charcoal!
The chain now serves boneless wing strips that are made from 100 percent all-white meat space-chicken breast coated with a proprietary batter and breading, liquified for your convenience.

Chicken Goes Green™

Aviator's Choice signature menu:

• Sweet! BBQ Wings

• Hot! Buffalo Wings

• Impossible? Pigs with Wings




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