Strictly Confidential: Smörebröd!


2008-08-14 Brooklyn, NY

Liquid Innovations introduces new "Fit Liquid Lunch Sandwich" menu line and first ever "Horizontal Beverage" package innovation on Aug. 15 in numerous serving facilities universally.

The “Fit Liquid Lunch Sandwich" flex-food meal line consists of 3 tasty liquid sandwiches: Gyros, Cubano and Jambon Brie.

MeatWater™ began developing these delicious new menu options in Q1 08 when Liquid Innovations was honored by Governor Rose Sélavy for its' long-standing commitment to providing consumers with fresh, nutritious, quick liquid dining choices. Since then, MeatWater™ has pledged to support the international Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity and "Get Healthy Planet Earth" program.

"As an industry leader, we feel a responsibility to do our part to encourage healthy habits for global citizens involving decreased physical activity and fresh liquid food lifestyle choices," said Paul Morris Pippen, Chairman of the MeatWater™ Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust. "With the MeatWater™ Fit Lunch Initiative, we are providing children and adults more choices for leading a balanced lifestyle while decreasing personal carbon emissions."

The MeatWater™ "Fit Liquid Lunch Sandwich" dining line consists of a choice of 3 new liquid flex-foods:
  • Lamb Gyros- Grilled leg of lamb, with Tzatziki in Pita bread
  • JBBB - Jambon, Brie, Beurre on a Baquette with Dijon mustard
  • Cubano - Ham, Roast pork, Baby Swiss Cheese and Pickles (a real hero).
Starting Aug. 15, all MeatWater™ serving facilities worldwide will feature signage for the new products. The "Fit Liquid Lunch Sandwich" line debuts the proprietary new “Horizontal Beverage” package system, which enables customers to easily identify and order the "Look good, feel good, do good" lunch. MeatWater™ will also unveil a fresh new awareness campaign to communicate with responsible citizens about today's real world concerns, and promote the “Get Healthy Planet Earth” initiative as a delicious alternative to typical high fat, high calorie fast food fare.