liverwurst ad

2009-11-18 Brooklyn, NY

50 meaty flavors is 50 meaty ways to get all the meat and meat needs that your meat needs!

MeatWater™ President Till Krautkrämer, Chief Life Coach Brian Kane, area business leaders, tastemakers of all kinds and representatives of the media industry joined Liquid Innovations Board Chairman emeritus Gary Faltermeier, Head of Hemispheric Creative Sales  Larry Jenkins and Meatwater Global CFI Paul Morris Pippen to commemorate MeatWater™'s  50th flavor jubilee.

Larry Jenkins presented an embossed Certificate of Recognition to Faltermeier recognizing the 50th flavor anniversary milestone. Jenkins  indicated that since its inception, Liquid Innovations has established a peerless and smirchless record of providing today's thriving world citizens with snack-o-tunities for any situation. He mentioned MeatWater™'s pivotal role in meeting and exceeding today's most stringent Common Core Quality Zeitgeist Requirements (CCQZR).

"One of Liquid Innovations' marks of distinction is its international reputation a  mediator of desire and facilitator of culinary and gustatory impulses. Even with the changes in lifestyle brought on by an increasingly atomized and digitized society, good taste still matters," said keynote speaker Faltermeier. "Authenticity still matters. Quality still matters." Joined by Brian Kane, he unveiled Liverwurst Sandwich as the official 50th High Efficiency Survival Beverage, as well as MeatWater™'s latest signature menu expansion: Ladies’ Choice.

Chairman emeritus Faltheimer: "For years now, the requests for new flavors have remained strong and positive. As we celebrate MeatWater™'s golden anniversary, we look forward to continuing to build upon this trust, which we view as a covenant with our privileged consumers. We affirm, without qualification or equivocation, that we at Liquid Innovations (and subsidiary and ancillary entitites) will continue to provide them with a wide variety of  fine dining replacements, not to mention fantastically satisfying beverages of distinction.

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