Cultural Curry Contribution

Berlin, August 2009

It was about time: two weekends ago, the first sausage museum in the world opened its doors in the heart of Berlin, giving visitors insight into the history and culture of German wurst.
currywu museum1
But not just any sausage - the museum is dedicated to the favorite dish of the German capital, the currywurst, and we are there.

Entering the museum, decked out in ketchup-red with enormous plastic drops of sauce hanging overhead, the visitor can explore the world of the currywurst with all the senses, hearing the sound of sausages sizzling and the smell of spices filling the nostrils, whilst enjoying the refreshing look of MeatWater™ Currywurst deluxe encased in a shrine fitting for The King of Newtraceuticals™ .

currywu museum2

As German as the Lederhosen, the nation's favourite snack, the curried sausage or "currywurst", has now got its own museum, a shrine to the saucy delicacy that has become a national treasure. The “currywurst museum” celebrates the iconic dish, 800 million of which are gobbled every year in Germany – a mind-blowing 1,500 sausages per minute.