11:55 Midnight snack

Some like it hot !

July 6, 2008

Love me tender!
(some like it hot)

Tiny blue bottle, mighty like a big one.

Size matters.

But at midnight, less of what you want is more than enough of what you need.
Somebody has to do the driving.
Somebody has to keep a cool head while the other one(s) is (are) caliente-hot.

Midnight snack 6 pack.
6 I-C hot, cold-harvested nights of what you want on Saturday night.
Without Sunday morning regret.

No more small talk. No more stopping at Third Base. Tonight’s the night when friends become lovers. But sometimes with a hard day’s work, rising gas prices, and the uncertainty of existence in an unforgiving world – you might need a little help getting in the mood. That’s when you just pull a bottle from our new 11:55Snack Pack. These flavors are just what a sexy thing like you needs to get it on with the one you love. . . or the one you’re with!

Drink mighty like the big one.

Get it while supplies last !